It is very exciting to introduce Jayne Trimble, aka Oxlip as the first featured artist of the project  In Pursuit. The concept is simply to share stories of people following their passions by asking three (sometimes four) broad questions about how artists came to find and follow their passion.  
  Move over Disneyland, your claim to fame as the happiest place on earth is being challenged by Blessed Coast, a 3 day music, yoga and arts festival. This year the gathering took place the weekend of July 28-31 at the foothills of the Tantalus mountain range near the idyllic town of Squamish, BC
Day 1   There are many different ways in which to experience the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, which celebrated it’s 40th Anniversary this year. If you are one of the many people who attend every year, you probably have a blanket set up in the designated seating area at the main stage. It is


Mariko Margetson