If a story is in you it has to come out

~ William Faulkner

Like most creative endeavours, this website has evolved.  It began in early 2016 as a platform for sharing personal stories, experiences, and musings.  I wrote about adventures with friends, a couple of informative lists and even a short fiction story. The common thread was that they were inspired by an appreciation for this spinning mass of stardust and the living things that inhabit it.

In truth, that sentiment is still the driving force behind the stories I choose to tell.  I think the benevolence of truth is absolutely beautiful… and when I share a story, my aim is to capture the essence of a situation, event or person.  I often find that, as with nature, everything is a juxtaposition of beauty and heartache and I seem to be drawn to the moments where this is most obvious.

These days I am working on a couple of larger projects with broader, deeper subject matter.  I’ve also been doing some freelance work for Vandala Magazine, exploring the musical world through album and show reviews, as well as interviews.  It’s a pretty great balance, to be honest.

I’ve also been learning how to tell stories visually.  I love how much one image can convey…. and how powerful the right image with the right words can be.  I’m not sure what will become of this new passion, but I hope to share some of what I create here.